Traumatic Events

As homeopaths we are used to understanding the suffering which can arise in a person’s life from past traumatic events. By listening to as much of their stories as they feel confident to tell, we begin to identify how certain events in their past may be affecting them in the present time.

If  a person does not express trauma by shaking trembling etc and these symptoms are suppressed they can hold that hurt in a part of the body or mind.  Long term suppression of this kind can lead to all sorts of physical and mental disorders. Inappropriate anger or fear, panic attacks, flashbacks, insomnia or depression can stem from these traumatic events for years afterwards and impact families for generations, as many will testify!

Homeopathy has often been used to treat the initial shock many years later.

Sometimes a person may not make the connection between the trauma and their current state or they can’t see how they are connected, for example a patient suffering with severe eczema since his car accident!